Zhenmuronic Translator

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Zhenmuronic is a language made up by @GC123456789 on Scratch. It is primarily used in Zhenmuron land, a nation that @GC123456789 mainly uses in map collabs.

If there is a slash, that means that there are two words for it, and the slash separates them.

NOTE: Some words were taken from kgnb'arht, and they are edited a little. Kgnb'arht is not made by me. I know the creator of kgnb'arht on Scratch and his other languages too.

Digraphs and special letters

Č = ch; Š = sh; NH = ny as in canyon; Ž = zh, like s in vision; Ő = woy as in void; Ó = oy; Á = ay; Ë = long e


aboutthecreator= for info about @GC123456789, zmalphabet for the zhenmuronic alphabet.

Also, my name is not Zhen, it is a fake name that I just came up with.

here's a translator made by @minieprincess, someone i know on scratch: https://lingojam.com/NewArhomian

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