New Arhomian Translator

Cool things yay

my name is not minieprincess it is miniepicness because i am a boy.

Old translator:

Another translator by me:

This translator has more and better translations than the old one.

(COMMANDS: "aboutthecreator↵" shows about the creator, "MNALPHABET" shows the alphabet and some more commands might come. )

Remove text in these brackets: 〔text〕

I also made to save the name and as a shortcut. I have also made the somewhat useful Another Ar Language: . I also have cringy videos on youtube. I also made some shortcuts to Chadlesh (Birdsian) which I got some words from. Heres the shortcut: I also made talki: (also, my name is not nathan, it is one of my friend's names). Vowel-Only Arhomian:

here's a translator by somebody else I know: image

Ever wanted to make a random text generator?

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