Surin Elvish Translator

Based on Pashto

Surin Elvish is spoken by the protagonistic elf characters in my story. The name "Surin" comes from the language's word "Súri", which means "shadow; darkness".
Normal elves (Prian, Dulyrian, or Tenaran) follow a type of moral compass that they call "the Good Path". They don't worship any gods or idols like most real-life cultures do, but believe that this Good Path allows them to live a good next life/live well in the afterlife, depending on what they've done throughout their current life.
Surin elves are actually normal Prian/Dulyrian/Teranan elves that have either been forcefully corrupted by the enemy or fallen from the "Good Path" by choice/had some sort of trauma done to them to make them turn from the "Good Path".
Surin Elvish uses an SOV sentence structure. For example, "I'm coming with you!" would be "I'm with you coming!" and translates to "Zastásra rádalán!/ស១ៗឋ៊ៗព័ ព៊ក១វ៊ន!"
Most of the time, the subject is connected to the object, such as above.
Surin Elvish uses an optional script called "Likál Shuoiźva/វាខ៊វ ៗហុ៤ាសួគ១":
á = ah sound (as in "awesome")
é = ey sound
í = ih sound
ó = aw sound
ú = ooh sound (as in "cute")
ẃ = khw sound (like the Arabic "q" mixed with a "hwah" sound; ẃa)
ź = zh sound;;

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