Prian Elvish Translator

For my story

This conlang is inspired by Elvish (from LOTR, ig) and is used in my story "Throne of The Immortals".
Prian Elvish uses an SVO sentence structure. For example, "Väleta, salán tämebra. Yenavä kara?" literally means "You come well (basically meaning hello), my close/near friend. How is you live?"
Optionally, instead of using he/she/it pronouns, simply use suffixes! "-aer" is male, "-aera" is female, and "-enaer" is non-binary (or anything you want to refer to as "it"). For example, "He/she/it's gone!" would be "Sona śan!/śanaer!", "Sina śan/śanaera!", or "Suna śan!/śanenaer!"
á/ä = ah sound (as in "awesome"); á is only used at the end of words and after k, l, m, n, r, s, t, and p
ë = ey sound
í = ih sound
ó = aw sound (as in "pop")
ü = ooh sound (as in "quite")
ï = ee sound (used at the beginning or middle of words)
ö = ooh sound (as in "would")
ś = sh sound
ń = nee sound ;

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