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This is an experimental translator, It may, or may not change significantly.

Create encoded text using a non-traditional code. This is a code arbitrarily created by me. I might make another that has a different style.

Currently it is pretty basic. Because it is encoding the text into a standard sequential system, it won't screw up grammar. Well, unless Lingo Jam has an engine error that is, because I've seen several lowercase "I"s, even though 035 is an uppercase, whereas 009 is lowercase... That and 084 translates back to text, but a "." will not translate due to an engine error.



Currently compatibility lies only on a handful of characters that can be found on an American (QWERTY) keyboard, and a few others. I've also added copyright marks and a few Mac symbols. Maybe tonight I'll get on and add a few more when I have a computer with a number pad.


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