Fake Mythical Language Translator

Work in Progress

This is an unfinished translator between English and a fake mythical language that I've created. Please note that this translator is not official to any franchise, but is just a creation of my own for funzies. You can use this for tabletop roleplay (such as Dungeons and Dragons) when the characters speak any language other than the common language, or for any other personal use. If you wish to use this for commercial use, you are free to do so, but just make sure to credit me (Erika Gozar) for the language. For further inquiries, email me at erika@gozarproductions.com.
Here is a handy translator that will convert the Fake Mythical Language text to IPA, in case you want to use a text-to-speech program for your roleplaying games.

Pronunciation Chart

Letter Pronunciation
a "ah" as in "hoorah" or "yahoo", or "o" as in "clock" or "bot"
e "eh" as in "meh", or "e" as in "bent" or "melancholy"
i "ee" as in "bee" or "feet"
o "o" as in "phone" or "toll"
u "u" as in "lute" or "dunes"
c "k" as in "kite" or "trek"
g "j" as in the French words "juste" or "toujours"
r A flipped "r" or alveolar tap as in the Spanish words "hablar" or "caro"
zj "j" as in the French words "juste" or "toujours"
Any mixed vowels (eg. ai, io, etc.) will just mix the pronunciation of the two separate vowels. For example, "ie" would be pronounced ee-eh and "ai" would be pronounced ah-ee.
If you see any words in English, still say them with the pronunciation on this chart. There are a few words that seem like they're in English, when they're actually translated from a different word and mean something else. Of course, there will also be ones that weren't translated at all and appear as they were entered, as is the case in all languages.

How this Translator Works

Most of what this translator does replaces specific letter patterns within words with other fantasy-sounding letter patterns, thus maintaining the overall essence of the original English word, while still making it sound somewhat fantasy-like.
There are some direct translations for specific commonly used words, such as "I", "is", "the" (etc.), and there a few prefixes and suffixes that also have translations to match. However, the bulk of the words being translated are merely substitutions of their inner vowels and consonants.
I originally also wanted to add reordering of syntax along with this translation, but due to the way the translator functions, it would require extensive work to compile all the lists of words and tags to base the syntax off of. So I decided to forego that.

Reverse Translation Support

This translator DOES NOT currently support reverse translation. Due to the way that I have set up the translator, attempting to translate backwards in its current state produces results that are nowhere near anything somewhat resembling English, and it also would be extremely difficult to attempt to create my own javascript function for reverse translation, due to various consonants sharing translations. I know many of you have been asking for reverse translation. I apologize, but it does not look like that is going to happen anywhere in the near future.

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