Fake Mythical Language IPA Translator

For text to speech with the Fake Mythical Language Translator

This translator converts Fake Mythical Language (taken from the Fake Mythical Language Translator, which can be found here) into IPA so you can use it in text to speech. An IPA text-to-speech generator can be found here. I recommend that you use the Polish voices in the text-to-speech generator, for the full effect of the proper accent of the language. Please ONLY use LOWERCASE letters when entering the Fake Mythical Language. Otherwise, the IPA will be incorrect!
Please note that the Fake Mythical Language is a made-up language that I created just for funzies and is not affiliated with any franchise. You can use this for tabletop roleplay (such as Dungeons and Dragons) when the characters speak any language other than the common language, or for any other personal use. If you wish to use this for commercial use, you are free to do so, but just make sure to credit me (Erika Gozar) for the language. For further inquiries, email me at erika@gozarproductions.com.

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