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What is Al Bakiyye Language? (Й ჰŧ ᒍ Ḷ⟓৬ ᒍ≾Ɲ⥙) Al Bakiyye is artificial language. This language system is like Ural-Altay language family. Al Bakiyye has a special alphabet and letter system. There are a lot of words from Turkish, Orkhun, Arabic, Persian, English, German, etc. Al Bakiyye Alphabet hat total 65 characters. There are 3 special literature type for this language; Thanksgiving Diary, Damlahatnâme, begs to Lord. It has also 3 writing styles; Computer writing, handwriting and figûrat (Caliography).
The General Features of the Al Bakiyye Language
All letters has special reading and using forms. There is no defference between big and small letters. It is written from left to right. There are "to be" like English and German. (ჰŧ - , Ϣર, ഥ) There are "articlesystem" like English, Arabic and German. (৬, I, ᒍӬ, ᒍ, ⧽, ..↾) It is used only "⧽" for "he, she, it". There is a personal pronoun for the God (Allah). That is; て It is not written generaly vowels; (⧽Ꭷ = Ulu, ৬Ɲ↾ = Yeni, Гᒍ = Gel) Why is this language developed? We know that, nobody needs a new language and there isvery developer language like Esperanto and of course other natural languages like English, German, French and Spanish etc. But we developed a language, alphabet, literature. We wanted that, we use all nice words, system and rules ofTurkish, Ottoman, Orhkun, English, German, Persian and Arabic etc. This language is useful for writing literature.
For example in Al Bakiyye ৬じGƝഥᓬ, Ḷ⧽ ما⥙ ⧽ Бર じGᒍM⥌. ⱱર ما⥙ MГ..↾ k ⧽ ჰŧ ᒍӬ ƆરMƝ ᒍ ƆરᛠƆMЭ. Reading: Ya Sayğındız, bul menge ol ber sayğalma. Ver menge emgii ki ol ist lâ derman el derteme. English: Doctor, find me a cure. Give me the cure for the problem.
Al Bakiyye Alphabet
Al Bakiyye Alphabet has 65 characters and 3 writing style. These are hand writing, figurat-calligraphy writing and computer writing.
Al Bakiyye Alphabet:
⥌ Ḷ Б C Ċ Ɔ ഥ ഥ' ᛠ 웃 Э ∧ Ƒ ౨ Г ૭’’ G Ǧ ԋ حا て で I ↾ ..↾ Ĵ ⟓ ⊲ Ø ᒍ ૪ M ما Ɲ Й O ⧽ Ȫ П Ḻ ર મ ཞ Ӭ ≾ じ ๛ β ≾. Ұ Ꭷ Ꭷ’ Ꭷ’’ ⱱ ୨ Ϣ ৬ ᕴ ᓬ X ⥙ λ @ ↓ የ ჰŧ
Main Features of Al Bakiyye Language
All stamps (letter) have unique reading and usage area. There is no difference as uppercase - lowercase. It is written from left to right. It can written from top to down in Calligraphy writing. Sentence sequence is free. Only it has to obey “to be + main verb” rules. To Be has to be every time before from the main verb. For Example: Today we will go to school.
Ḷ Г❞ ϢરƆ Г@⥌CĴБᓬ ᒍӬ ↓ØЭ.
Reading: buguen werde gategegjbiz la oqqoul’a.
There are 2 types to be; [ჰŧ - , Ϣર, ഥ (ist, war, dır)]. There are 6 articles; [৬-I, ᒍӬ, ᒍ, ⧽, ..↾ (Ya-Ay, Lâ, El-Ol, İ-Yi)]. There is no difference between the articles like German Languages. They have only function and phenomenon. There is not gender discrimination in personal pronouns like European Languages. It is used only “⧽” (Ol) for “he, she, it”. There are a personal pronoun and some grammar rules for the creator - god. That is “て” (Hay). There are 8 Nominative Case. There is a positive-negative-question structure. Negative: It is used in name sentences “ƆGᒍ” (değel). For Example: Ḷ ƆGᒍ ৬ᓬλ. (Bu degyel yazangc) EN: That is not a pen. Negative: It is used in verb sentences “ᕴ↓” (yok) or as additional “M⥌” (-me, -ma). For example: ⧽ ᕴ↓ ГᒍMЭ⟓ (Ol yoq gelmeak). or ⧽ ГᒍM⥌MЭ⟓ (Ol gelmemek). EN: He/She/It does not come. There are tense difference. There are many types words which are added to the end of the words or head of the words. There are sequential token letters; (⥙ - λ) There are some letters without the main letters; (k M̃ ❞ 〟° ʷ ) It usually is not written the vowels.
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