turn one word into another Translator

turns one word in to another for FREEEEEEE!!!!!!

this will turn one word into a different one for free yes i said that have fun. this is a beta please wait for updates. please give suggestions for words i should add it really helps because a lot of "odd" words do not change. p.s. some words don't change i update every so often but still there is quadrillions of words in the English language so some words will never change also i just did a big update so check out them all. next big update at 1000 visits! check the comments for visit amount. the next big update adds different language (I'm sorry to say this but this is not random just a bunch of words an one will turn into another and every so often i cycle the words and make them in a random order) there might be a break over the summer where i do not check this out that much. leave a suggestion on what you think this coded message says if its right ill leave the link to the edit for my trans: V|<XB1 $N4 DNH Y+Y +1 hint: three types of code were used to encode this for short here they are: leet shift back

Ever wanted to make a random text generator?

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