sitelen Emoji Translator Toki Pona to Emoji

Toki Pona is an oligo-isolating constructed-language (conlang) created by translator and linguist Sonja Lang (née Sonja Elen Kisa) of Toronto, Candad. It was first published on the web in 2001 (as draft), and later as a completed book entitled "Toki Pona: The Language of Good," in 2014.
sitelen Emoji is a constructed script for writing Toki Pona created by Dev Bali in June 2019. It uses unicode Emojis to visually represented latinized Toki Pona in a logographic format. Use this tool for easily translating back and forth between the Emoji script and the regular one.
This translator includes all 120 words in the official Toki Pona book as well as 52 other unofficial words that are used in colloquial use amongst Toki Pona speakers.
To render ".", ":", and "_" as emojis, instead write out the words "PERIOD", "COLON", or "UNDERSCORE"; or "P", "C", or "U".

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