no tu Translator

it means no u

Hey everyone! I just want to adress some things I got 3 new suggestions that I would like to adress here they are

Can you please say that my translator isn't copying your's? The only thing that is similar is the name, and we try very hard to be original. A lot of people think that we are copying you when we really aren't. Heres a link to our translator -- -- Thanks! -- Sent by Jillian for no u uwu

Needs more words and phrases. Pretty boring and dumb right now.


  1. no u uwu is not a copy it is just that we had the same idea for names. If you could please leave them some nice suggestions that would be nice. Sorry Jillian I hope this does not happen again.

  2. Here comes a lot of hate. One I am guessing your new here because you clearly never reda the description. It is supossed to be a mess around translator were you try to find secret messages by typing stuff in. Its not an actually translator. Thats why I said that in the description and iterally in the translator. I would like to see your translator and how many visits you have. Thank you.

  3. I have no words except..... no tu

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