n au n oh /hl/ oh Translator

Conlang for the Einasvel (Enausq'/hl/) alien species

Conlang (fictional language) for an alien species I grew attached to. This translates to the pronunciations of the words, the actual language has different writing symbols. If you can't find a word try using synonyms or different forms of the word (removing "-ing", "-ed", "-ly").
Apostrophes are not recognized, use the expanded versions of words.
Past and present tense are communicated by saying it at the start of a sentence. Example: "Future I am eat an apple"
Plurals are represented by repeating a word, except for when there is a specific number Example: I see cats--> I see cat cat, I see four cats--> I see cat four
Numbers are spoken starting from the lowest value due to the writing system Example: Four hundred and nine--> nine zero four
Feedback is welcome and highly appreciated!

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