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Your acred1tat1on c0d is your ☎️🔢 👾👽 mIm A ~r~ Te a NEW LAnguaGE 🍥

)Kwonms & Pwaawnms karmatic work on nothingelse matters and the power of )wikified agility(ⁿ)working accountable networking(__ Stupid

🚀☀️@🌒A NAve L UNa [email protected] :🐇 a RaAb BiT𞤊@lloW 🐾鼎☴ Ahai nde réra ha mitãnguéra oñe’ẽ. Rules 13-21

🚀To install the FloR app, please contact the nearest Karma Hatter🚂 🎩⛪🐇 Leuantate Iehoua, ſalua me Dios mio: porque tu heriſte à todos mis enemigos en la quixada: los dientes de los malos q̃brantaſte. ‘’\

Tell the Rabbit how you feel! May the forZ will be with U2

Che ci piaccia o no, siamo noi la causa di noi stessi. Nascendo in questo mondo, cadiamo nell'illusione dei sensi; crediamo a ciò che appare. Ignoriamo che siamo ciechi e sordi. Allora ci assale la paura e dimentichiamo che siamo divini, che possiamo modificare il corso degli eventi, persino lo Zodiaco.

Giordano Bruno, circa 1600

Kwomns n’ Pwawns

QSW/QSX originally stood for, "Shall I increase/decrease my spark frequency?", but in the 1920s, spark-gap transmitters were banned in the United States, rendering that meaning obsolete. (gWikiPedia 2019).
Here, among the creases of these bits & bites, the spark-gap transmitter is our traducidor (gCabobianco Komi&n&FromTheSun 1991), our soul-translator. Welcome to the game.

kw0m, kw3m, kw8m pronounced as kwooom )as the oo in soon(, is said almost screaming & kw9m is kwam. … the kwom you reach through intensitiy ... it's the intesenst coz it's also quite quiet. It's pronounced kwam as in british "Fart¨.

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