lsn śmh Language (w.I.p ( Translator

Combined language wrapped around preference terms and alphabet letters meanings...

Alphabet... (“36”)
How read translation, letters... spelling of pref. word is shown by default, add (n), (f), (m) , ext... and if want to see all letters as is not shown I written system, add spk to ending of word. has a * after word in translation if for the common English word you maybe use ing rather then pref/general plural ext. word. (for some words so can use the generator for random sentences ( though if I add sentences to generator I’d put ()’s”).. (Latin) for term from Latin or (Arminian) term from Arminian. only those two for now.. though I might for some use (eng.) ext... but preference is Latin or Arminian terms (rather then translate word to my lang it shows word in that term way) exsample is of an (Hebrew?)mi , and same as (Akkadian?)ul, ext. simular but said diffrent a bit)
250 selected words bellow..
I’m working on what I’m typing here sorry bit messed up... for now..

Ever wanted to make a random text generator?

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