katarath translator

This translator functions best for single words or simple phrases, and I add to it whenever the lexicon and grammar changes. For in-depth grammar rules for more complex sentences, send me a message or email – nonetheless, this translator should function fine for simple translation, as the grammar is relatively simple.

Missing a word you want? Message me and I'll add it asap!

Some things to keep in mind: They don't use definite/indefinite articles in sentences, all words are automatically definite. However, the indefinite articles can be used with single words only. Some 'words' in Katarath are longer phrases, but this translator doesn't pick up on spaces between single entries; as such, many words have a hyphen between them but they aren't really there. Infinitive verbs must be written 'to-VB' (without quotation marks) with a hyphen between 'to' and the verb, otherwise the translator will give you the 'to' postposition.

To write perfect aspect sentences, write '[subject] [infinitive verb] [prf]' without the quotation marks and brackets. To write imperative sentences, write '[infinitive verb] [imp]' without the quotation marks and brackets, and manually drop the -ab ending from the verb. To write conditional sentences, write '[subject] [infinitive verb] [cond]' without the quotation marks and brackets (kind of translates to "could you...?" or a simple suggestion tone to a regular declarative sentence). To create a yes-no question, write regular declarative sentence, then space and a question mark '?' – should come up as "ne".

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