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Based on Dutch

This language is based off of Dutch. What else? Oh, this needs a name. Could you be so kind to recommend one?

This language uses a VSO (Verb-Subject-Object) sentence structure (i.e. "I will eat the popcorn" would be - if translated to English - "Eat I will the popcorn", which translates to "Aate ekt zel deé popcorn").

Stresses (so far):

aa = ah sound (ɑ)

e (usually used at the end of a word)= eh sound (ɛ)

ei = ey sound (ɛɪ)

ï = ee sound (iː)

ij = ih sound (ɪ)

eij, aej = eye sound (iː)

oui (oue, ouw - used at the end of a word)= ow sound (?)

oe, ou = oh sound (oʊ)

oo, ü = ooh sound (uː)

ö = aw sound (ɒ)

dt = t sound

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