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zalgo is coming

zalgo story is this but before im a male 24 years old okay let get it story:
Realm. Zalgo lives in a palace of tortured glass , served by legions of monsters
forged from the tears of the undead, and each one clad in armor carved from the
concentrated suffering of grieving mothers.
Zalgo is an extremely dangerous Eldritch Abomination that is immortal with reality
warping powers . He can tear apart entire realities. His power seems to stem from
both his natural condition (his demonic heritage), the cursed candle he holds and
the countless souls that he has enslaved.
Zalgo is featured in the Creepypasta comic series, "I Eat Pasta For Breakfast ",
and is portrayed to be Lazari's biological father.
Powers and Abilities Zalgo appears to have abilities similar to Slender Man (video
corruption, mind control, a virus-like sickness, etc.) though the results appear
more severe and life-threatening . Many who look upon Zalgo end up crazy,
disfigured, or even dead.
i hope you guys like my translator it took me like 2 hours to do
this is all the words:
i am zalgo
i eat soup
i eat heart shape chocolate
this is rasist

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