english to FRUITINESE Translator

the lang of the fruiti people

translate text from ENGLISH to FRUITINESE

in the fruitinese lang they wright fromLEFT to RIGHT

as they do in english

fruitinese is an ancient language from New Zealand it was here before the maori came

they found it on an island that was known as FRUITI ISLAND but as it is with everything that name was not allowed as it was not maori and racist or offensive to anyone.

The fruitinese alphabet starts with the letter q (q) as does the qwerty keyboard alphabet

In the fruitinese language there is no er on the end of the words instead they use an a

The English word sender becomes senda in fruitinese

In English you have words with ou in them like round

But in fruitinese this would replace with ow as in rownd

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