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The First Tretiakian translater, Ever

english UNKNOWN is a Tretiakian-English, user-friendly, mobile compatible, translater.


not really


Tretiakian is a languge originally created during the time of imperial Russia, it was used as a way to communicate in secret. Many who spoke Tretiakian native tounge was RUssian, so they are quite similar in some aspects.

Why is Tretiakian not heard of anymore?

Most who used Tretiakian accosiated themselves with groups like the mafia (it first originating in the Russian Mafia family known as the Tretiaks). So with the Stalin-Communism era, many who spoke the languge had to stop using it to keep their identity hidden. While many were caught even though they did not use the languge, a small amount saved their lives by wiping the language from their everyday lives. While the language has become almost non-exsist, it still lives on. Some who evacuated to Canada escaping the NKVD, still hold the language today.

Our mission

Our goal is to create seamless translaters for a relatively unkown languages. We hope to inform the world of the forgoten languages of our past. By using our translater you will be learning a language that about 40 people still know today, by learning this language you will be a part of the future of the world of UNKNOWN languages.

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