eddsciiflow to discord blocks Translator

  1. Go to asciiflow.com
  2. Select the pen tool in the top left
  3. Hit a letter on your keyboard
  4. You will now draw with that letter
  5. Draw something
  6. Hit the export button in the top right
  7. Select all and copy (Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C)
  8. Paste the copied text into here
  9. It'll be converted to colored discord blocks

Color list: (These letters will be converted to the corresponding color square)

  1. [l] black
  2. [b] blue
  3. [g] green
  4. [n] brown
  5. [o] orange
  6. [p] purple
  7. [r] red
  8. [w] white
  9. [y] yellow

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