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I am extending my vocabularies, just give me some time plz QuQ

Is that i need to make a description here?
I am adding words. if you want to add some words tell me thought email imsougly404@gmail.com or comment below, I prefer email more:)
  1. this language has no grammar, i mean:
mean--meant--meaning male word female word neutral word
all change to 'mean'.
  1. accept SVO only
I(S) love(V) you(O)
3. b p d t f g h k l m n ch r s sh w y z a eɪ e i aɪ ɤ(o) ʊ u ɪu alphabets
  1. this is actually kind of logogram. (for increasing reading effectiveness)
  2. (still thinking what is the 5th rule)
comment reply zone: yeah i added 'name' as 'man' 20220514 totally 2815 words are available

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