cucarachan translator

Translator to convert English to Cucharachan. There are over 500+ words in this dystopian language, spoken solely by members of the Cucarachan Tribe. The people follow the ways of the cucaracha and live simple, calm lives. You can often find them out doing random things, like screeching random phrases and farting around with their friends. Do not be fooled by the few-worded linguistic skills of the Cucarachan people, because they are ready to pounce at any given time. They attack by slaying their enemies with yassified swords and such weapons (like a Jiafei brand gun). They often speak English as well, and tend to be friendly, as long as you don’t fart on the sacred cucarachan statue, that has remained with them for thousands of years.

Ever wanted to make a random text generator?

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