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For some reason, putting an apostrophie in some words fucks up the translation, but it's usually relitively normal.

Plural "S" only:
If a word ending in 's' to make it plural (for example, cracker, crackers) and it shows as the english word, (crackerse) type the non plural and add the se yourself. Or, add a - before the s, so it makes a -s (cracker-s)
Non-plural 's' words will end in a 'se with an apostrophy

Soryntey - what does it mean? Well, it's quite simple. It's added to the end of a paragraph/sentence to add politeness/show respect.

Since I cant figure out how to get multiple options for translations, here are two words that i would need two translations for;

Our - reao [our including you] and renan [our excluding you]
We - yenao [we including you] and yenan [our excluding you]

A ah, as in "cat"
I ih, as in "little"
U uh, as in "nut"
E eh, as in "met'
O oh, as in "okay"
Y ee, as in "yes"
C ch, as in "change"
G g, as in "good"
J j, as in "jacket"

No letter makes two different sounds, and there are no silent letters. Everything is spelled how it sounds.

Created: 20/11/2019
Last Updated: 03/12/2020
Update log:
-Added a bunch of random words i needed to translate (this part of the log will never leave cause I'm always adding random words)
-Started back up on adding the words to the sucking spaghetti copy pasta someone put in my suggestions box a few months ago
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