Zounish lol Translator

This is for my own personal use, but feel free to test it. Check info below for more information.

Missing something? Tell me in the suggestions box above! Add soryntey to the end of a sentence to add politeness.

If a word ending in 's' to make it plural (for example, cracker, crackers) and it shows as the english word, (crackerse) type the non plural and add the se yourself. Or, add a - before the s, so it makes a -s (cracker-s)

A ah, as in "cat" I ih, as in "little" U uh, as in "nut" E eh, as in "met' O oh, as in "okay" Y ee, as in "yes" C ch, as in "change" g g, as in "good" j j, as in "jacket"

No letter makes two completely different sounds, and there are no silent letters. Everything is spelled how it sounds.

Created: 20/11/2019
Last Updated: 4/12/2019
Update log:
Added some common fruits, vegetables, and nuts, however, since they're foreign to the planet, they don't all have words for them. Mostly, rutashi had brought them over. That said, I just put a lot of them in zounish spelling. By @diamondpupstah on instagram

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