Zorvir's Infernal Translator

Zorvir's Infernal

NOTICE: This translator is very much unfinished. I still have to compile all the notes that I already have on the language and add words that my party has yet to use.

The version of Infernal that my group uses for Dungeons and Dragons. Basically another completely unoriginal language with words stolen from Latin and a few other more modern languages, morphed to sound more "demonic", and stuffed into a translator that may or may not be reliable. Remember that Tiefling Infernal is not the same as Devilish Infernal, since there is a class system that includes different dialects of Infernal. (Also that this is just the version that my party and I use. It isn't official.) Because I despise declining nouns more than I have trouble memorizing word order, nouns are just nouns and you don't have to decline them. Hah--take that, Latin. Any form of a verb will give you the infinitive in Tiefling Infernal, rules for conjugation are listed below.

Please read these notes if you plan to use this translator to read/write/speak Zorvir's Infernal correctly. The translator alone will give you strange results. If you're just adding some flavor to your D&D table and will have notes to read from, disregard whatever you feel like, but if you're interested in communicating effectively with your fellow tieflings (maybe without your DM understanding), it would benefit you to pay attention to the grammatical rules and conjugations listed below.


-ve, -me, and -ke To conjugate Infernal verb, you take off the infinitive ending and add the personal ending. The configuration of conjugations is: [Me/I] ---- [We] ---- [You] ---- [You (pl)] ---- [He/she/it] ---- [They]

Present Tense

(-ve) [-t] ---- [-itm] ---- [-tsk] ---- [-avet] ---- [-s] ---- [-its]

(-me) [-v] ---- [-izm] ---- [-et] ---- [-amet] ---- [-z] ---- [-tz]

Past Tense

(in progress)

Future Tense

(in progress)

Literal translations of some phrases: "No way!" --> "Rotten!" "Go to hell!" --> "Go to heaven!" (This is ironically used by young tieflings, older tieflings would likely use a more literal translation of the phrase and use "hell".)

Last updated: 7/21/2020

Update log:

4/15/2019, added common D&D roleplaying words (names of D&D races, classes, occupations, items, etc.) to English words list. Began adding Infernal translations. Reformatted description. Realized that people are actually using this translator and that's pretty rad.

5/6/2019, continued adding Infernal translations to list. Compiled list of more commonly used D&D words to add to English list. Compiled list of more verb tenses to be transcribed into the translator at a later date.

7/18/2020, looked at this translator for the first time in almost a year. Added common D&D words. Added a member to the translation party. Lost a bunch of notes over the past year. Changed title font.

7/21/2020, added English words to the "to be added" list that are commonly used in Dungeons and Dragons.

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