Zihlehrroh (Switch) Translator

Switch the sounds

DISCLAIMER: This is not a real language of any sort other than for fun, for a weird code for your friends to crack, and for a book series that I am writing.
This translation is switching sounds around with similar-sounding sounds, like ai and ah are switched and sh and ch are switched. This makes it seem like you should almost be able to understand it if spoken aloud, but you can't.
When putting in words, you space them out as sounds. One space between each sound and three between each word For example: "I like cake." you would put in, "ie l ie k k ai k." You can also put in a few words regularly (the 100 most common words), but most of the time you have to put in the sounds themselves.
List of sounds: (any sounds that you don't see are probably a combination between two sounds: q > k w, or oi > oh ee, etc) ai (pAInt) ah (Apple) b (Ball) k (King) f (Fall) v (Viking) ee (EAt) eh (End) h (Hat) rr (rolling r/ growl) j (Jello) jh (garaGe) ie (Ice) ih (Igloo) l (LiLLy) z (Zebra) m (Make) ng (toNGue) oh (Ocean) o (dOg) n (NoNe) g (Ghost) p (Panda) d (Dog) oo (bOOt) ooh (bOOk) s (Snow) t (Tell) w (Wind) r (Real) y (Yellow) uh (Under) th (THumb) thh (THere sh (SHoot) ch (CHurCH) and finally is used as a small pause: first > f r s t (otherwise it could sound more like frist)
(my favorite word to put in the translator is 'could')

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