Zalchocko (NovaNick Language)

Welcome to Zalchocko, Novanti's language.

Zalchocko (sometimes called Ghaondian, Wampachoozee, or Chonkanese) is a fictional language created by Novanti. As of now, only English -> Zalchocko is supported.

Factual Information

Word order: OVS (object verb subject)

If the nouns are pronouns, they are affixed onto the verb instead of being separate words. Always use pronouns whenever possible unless the context is required.

Use "it" instead of "he" or "she" as Zalchocko does not distinguish gender or animacy in pronouns at all, only the number and person. Remember when translating from ZAL>ENG to correct your pronoun usage back into what makes sense for the context. Also, use "yall" (as spelled here) if you are using "you" as a plural. Yes, it's a weird workaround but read the next paragraph for more info.

Lingojam's translator builder is somewhat limited in scope so expect some bugs and quite a few grammatical errors when translating. Word order switching is usually normal though it isn't to the full extent that a "native" Zalchocko speaker would do.

If you want me to correct a Zalchocko sentence then DM me both the English and Zalchocko sentence and I'll send you the correct Zalchocko translation. My Discord is only available to people I already know.

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