Ye Olde Parsaniis Translator

Aeme Ethesathae Rrohaiface Ezeeb Tihisfwatentt Ooya

Imagine speaking English. Misspell your words. Now turn them backwards. Now upside down. Combine it with German, some Russian, and a bit of French. Then, imagine it's being read by a dyslexic person that rolls all of their r's. There you have it! This is great for sounding foreign to mess with people or using it to summon the Devil.

Update: When using suffixes, add a space between the suffix and the rest of the word. Also type a dash/hyphen (-) directly before the suffix. If the original translated word ends with a vowel, it is optional to add an apostrophe after it when adding a suffix. There are some exceptions of course, such as greasy, where I made a translation for greas so you can add a -y at the end of it without the (e) if you think it reduces confusion a bit.

(Ex: Potatoes = Potato -es = tohaspyote eiset = tohaspyote(')eiset)

Here's the list of suffixes that need to be spaced:

I'm gonna to keep adding words until I finish the entire English dictionary, be it the last thing I do!

Also there's at least one Shrek related easter egg in case you want it. You might find it in the random sentence generator.

Ever wanted to make a random text generator?

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