Yadelovin Translator

In devoted unity (lang of the Seladovit)

Ty for feed back... words being worked on and added plus others.....Abandon Abate Abdicate Abduct Abide Ability Ablaze Able Able-bodied Abnormal Aboard Abolish Abominate Abort Affection Back Bad Beach Book Bye Cat City Color Country Dog Earth Embaressed Excuse me Family Flower Food Friend God Good Goodbye Happy Hello Hi Home How are you? Human I I'd I'd I'll I'll I'm I've.
Jadelovina Love Mankind Moon Mountain Mr. Native No Number Paper Peace with you Pen Please River Sad School Sky Sorry Star Sun Thank you Tree Water Work Yes a ability about abruptly ache across actually after after afterward again again against against agreement aim air alcohol all almost almost along already also always always am am an and another another answer answer any anybody anyone anything anyway apple are arm around as ask at attitude away away awful background bad bark be because because bed bed been before began began begun behind behind believe best better better between big bit bit black blast bleed blue body book both both boy boy breath brief briefly brother bubble bush but by call call came campus can can't can't candy captain car care chain chair change chapter cheap cheese chip class close closely clue coach collar come connect contain continue copy corridor could couldn't couldn't course cry customer dad dark dash day day decide deep defense deny design desperate determine dial did didn't disbelief display disturb do does doesn't don't done door door down drawer dress drop dull each each eat eaten egg else embrace emerge end end engine enough enough even ever ever every everyone everything everything exact exhaust expensive eye face fact fairly fall family far fashion fate father favor feather feel feel feet fell felt few few figure finally find find fine finger finish flicker flirt floor flop follow for forgive found found freeze from front front froze frozen frustrate fry garage gave general get girl girl give give glance glove go gone good good got got grab great grimace grin ground guess gulp gut guy guy habit habitat had hadn't hair hair half hand handsome happen happen happy hard has has hate have hazel he he'd he's he's head hear heard heard heart heaven held help help her here here herself hey high him himself his hit hold holiday home home hope hour house house how hurt idea if in inquire insane inside instant insult interview into irritate is isn't it it'd it's its jeep jog just keep kid kill kind kiss kitchen know language last last late late laugh lean leap least leave leave left left let let lie life life light like lip listen little little live look lot love luckily major make make makeup man many map mask matter maybe maybe me mean mean meet mental mid might mind mind minute minute miss mom mom moment moment mommy more morning most most mother mother mouth move move much much must my myself myself name name nature necessary neighbor never never new new next next nice night night no nod nod nope not notebook nothing nothing notice now occur of off oh oh okay old old on once once one only only onto option or other other our out outside over own owner pad painful parents part pass past pathetic peace peek pencil people person phone photo pick pity place place play play please point post pot pout powerful pressure pretty pride prince private probably proceed pull puppy push put put quarter question quickly quite ran reach read realize really reason recently red remember rent reply reply resist rest retort rid right right risk rode roll room room run run said same same sand sat sat satisfy saw saw say school school seat second see seem seen service set she she'd she's shirt shook should should shoulder show shrug shudder shuffle side side sigh sigh signal similar since since sister sit sit skill sleep slightly slowly small small smile snatch sniff so some some someone someone something something sometime soon sorry sound sound spare spat spell spider spoken spring stand stare stare start start stay step still still stood stop strap stress strike string such suddenly supply sure surely surprise surprisingly survive suspect sweater table take take tear teen tell tell tend terrify thank thank that that's the their their them then there there's these they thing thing think this those those though though thought thought three through through tighten time to today together toilet told too too took top topic total tour toward toward tower trace tray try try turn two two under until until up use use very video voice wait wait walk walk wall want was wasn't wasn't watch water way we we're wear week well went were west what what's when where where which while while whisper whistle who whoever whole why why window wine with without woman won't wonder word word work world worry would wouldn't wouldn't wrong yank yeah yeah year year yell yep yes yes yet you you're you're young your

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