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Every time you refresh or revisit the translator, you'll now see a different phrase in English with its Simlish translation as well. Happy Simming!!


English to Simlish translator with phrases, sayings and words.

For the full list of phrases and words, please visit https://warrenwoodhouse.fandom.com/wiki/Dictionary/Simlish?useskin=oasis


Please send any corrections and suggestions to: [email protected]?subject=EnglishToSimlishTranslator

You can also submit corrections and suggestions using the Disqus Comment Board provided by LingoJam. The comment board is found on the bottom of the page of this translator. You can also use the Disqus Comment Board of Warren Woodhouse at https://warrenwoodhouse.webs.com/comments

You can also submit corrections and suggestions using the talk page available at https://warrenwoodhouse.fandom.com/wiki/Guides:TheSims4/Simlish?useskin=oasis#WikiaArticleComments

Alternatively, you can also submit corrections and suggestions by sending them to me directly on Facebook Messenger to https://m.me/warrenwoodhousevideos

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Updates listed at https://warrenwoodhouse.fandom.com/wiki/File:LingoJam_ByWarrenWoodhouse_WarrenWoodhouseEnglishToSimlishTranslator.lj?useskin=oasis#Updates

23rd March 2020: Added phrases and words. Corrected phrases and words. Added phrases and words to my Simlish Dictionary on my website.

21st March 2020: Added phrases and words. Added Old Simlish phrases and words. Some rude words have been included and translated.

20th March 2020: Created translator. Added phrases and words.

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