WIP language Based on Hungarian

A suggested name would be great

This language is based on Hungarian. Please suggest a name that you think would work!


á = ah sound (as in "mat")

é = ee sound

í = ee sound

ö = ooh sound (as in "would")

ó = rounded a sound

ő = long ooh sound (as in " would")

ü = ooh sound (as in " few")

ú = ooh sound (as in "move")

ű = long ooh sound

s = sh sound

sz = s sound

cz = ts sound

sc = ch sound

dz = j sound

gy = ee sound

Names in this language usually put the surname (last name) before the first name, much like Hungarian.

If my name was in this language, it would be Kedvese Mersdzeda Escebet.

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