Voltruar Translator

The Ancestral Tongue of Volundar

This translator will translate english words into the ancient tongue, Voltruar, spoken by the Haskir. Remember that this will also translate Voltruar to english, making it easier to have conversation in the language!

As a standard rule, leave all untranslated words in English until permanent words can be created for them. This makes it much easier (and still understandable) when using this in role play.

When typing words that end in english suffixes, put a space between the word and the suffix. Example: Coming should be typed as come ing, which will translate to koma 'yr. Remove the space post translate to make it koma'yr, and you have the correct translation. This is a limitation of the translator and this is the only way to work around it.

This language is incomplete, and some words will lack translations.

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