Vba'kahhnhat Translator

Vba'kahnn! This is the Vba'kahhnhat Translator.

Vba'kahnn! Welcome to the Vba'kahhnhat Translator. The Vba'kahhnhat language (or Vba'kka for short) is the native language of the Vhana people. Vba'kka is a language that sounds very unique, so here is a guide to various Vba'kka sounds.

Vb - make a b sound with your lips. Now, add a slight v sound. It may sound a bit like "pvh" or "bhh".

Hh - this sound is literally just breathing out. It's like a (very) brief break in the middle of a word. For example, "Anahhrei" would be something like, "Anarelease breath for about half a secondrei".

' - an apostrophe is a guttural stop, just like other language romanizations.

That's about it, the rest of the romanization is quite basic. The language is quite exotic sounding, so if you think it sounds strange, you probably got it right.

Thank you for using the Vba'kahhnhat Translator! Vbe'tten 'anabrahha

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