Unofficial D&D Dwarvish Translator

By Maindoor1 (please read description)

I made this translator for my Dungeons and Dragons game. I use it with the Davek font by Pixel Sagas (which can be found here This translator can translate 1200 and that number continues to grow. Many of the words in this translator share similarities with words in Norwegian and Icelandic. Please keep in mind: I cannot speak either of these languages.

I created this translator when I saw that there was no reliable Dwarvish translator for D&D, so I made one. Thank you for using my translator.

If you have any recommendations, comments, problems with the translator itself, please leave them in the suggestions section. The words I use for this translator are words that are most common to be used in everyday english (as it is the language I am the most comfortable with), not nesserarily taking dwarvish culture into account. If I don't have a word that seems obvious for me to have, don't worry, it just means that I haven't gotten there yet. But with your suggestions, I am more likely to quickly make a word you would like me to add.

UPDATE: I have been asked if I have a dictionary of the words that are in this translator. I tried to respond but it has taken a very long time and has still not gone through. You can view the dictionary here: I apologize for how long this has taken.

If you would like to contact me regarding this translator, you can reach me at [email protected]

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