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Christian Anger to Goulash

Many people don't know the importance of knowing how to translate Christian Anger into Goulash. It is an underated skill now-a-days but it is a very important skill. Discretion Not all christian people or religous people are angry

theoffice Take mark for example as to why you need this translater in your life.

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My name is Undarell, I'm the creater of UPolAsn Translator. The translator that converts angry Christian speech into Goulash! Who doesn't like goulash? And who likes angry people? > Angry Christian people and Goulash seem so different. But they truely do complete each other Be like shakesphere with your newfound knowlegde and be remarkable You will finally be loved <3

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In case you didn't know. You will need to be familiar with everything listed below to be able to use this translator.

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