Ultra Gibberish Translator

Made by a kid

This was made by a kid so I hope you like this! This is a translation of some words. (I added somniloquy because why not.)
Just so you know, this translator is not done. I will try to update it until I don't know any more words that I haven't used. The next big update won't come out for a while, but I will be adding smaller updates often. The current version is 1.5.35.
Ov ol werareds qart lokanis misces busea, ol molcu hisr qart hi nunh frth clesd jeston jey beq quia hyrul fugy nolti lililsa.
These are the words and phrases that have been translated (It will take a while to scroll down): Oh no Great job Good morning year old 12-year-old somniloquy translator jellyfish mistletoe sometimes translate discreet bothered Tuesday because breaker cushion freedom offered poached reached strived tumbles woman's women's weather welcome Benoese connect message always became beside burger castle chance forget grease laughs mister please poured prince rarest seldom speedy strive timely timing wildly lemons cheese China brass break broke cause china clock cover cream dress empty first flask funds green grows house jelly laugh man's men's offer peace pizza proof rarer rings round scoot scout smile smoke start stood takes their think timed times tongs train water where woman women wonky young zebra clear juice lemon makes paste hands base beat book both butt cats cord dare does doll eggs fill fish flew fore form free from girl goes gold good heir held here hers high hiss hugs jerk keep kite lock lost miss moss must next open peas plan rare read room rude rush side sink soft take than then this tick time wall well what when your like hope make copy know have much USA and are box boy but can car egg for fur get had her him his how ice ill its lay man men met not out own pod see she the tin was who why win won you use too an be by do go he in is it my no of on to we if or I a
I want this site's translator to actually be useful so I'll let you explore the translations yourself.
Suggestions: "get gud" Explain yourself. "Make all words Benoese nowwwwwwwwwwwww" 1. Please don't be impatient, I am working on it, and 2. you don't need that many w's.

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