Tyuuwskaric Translator

Based on Amharic

I remember making this conlang, then scrapping it! I brought it back, though, and hopefully it works out this time.
Tyuuwskaric uses an SOV sentence structure. For example, "I'm coming for you!" would be "I'm you coming for!" and translates to "Aně kǎsu mentǎtlě!"
ǎ = ah sound (as in “awesome”)
ě = ey sound
ǐ = ih sound
ǒ = ooh sound (as in “would”)
ǔ = ooh sound (as in “too”)
ň = nee sound (like the Spanish ñ)
č = ch sound
š = sh sound
đ = th sound (as in "through")
Optionally, you may use the Amharic script with this translator (not 100% accurate):
If my name was Tyuuwskaric, it would be Enkǎna Abǔba (እንክኤንኤ ኤብኡብኤ).

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