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Ye and ie together make the EE sound. (example- bye and die)
en makes the on (example- Fren)
When a kn is followed by 7 "e"s then you do not pronounce the k, but when a kn is followed by 27 "e"s then you pronounce the kn as a w.
If a b follows a g in a word, then all other "b"s in the word are not pronounced.
sch makes the "swish" sound.
when the letter "o" comes before "ring" then you repeat the ring sound after you say it. (example-boring is pronounced boringring) unless it follows a "y''
"x" makes the "s" sound when followed by a vowel.
When an "ed" follows a z at the end of the word then it is pronounced as "zasdf"
When the letters "bro" appear consecutively in a word, then it is pronounced as a "zy".
The consecutive letters "xup" sound like "soop".
"omm" makes an "off" sound.
"`" make a "osplos" sound.
If two "``" are next to each other you pronounce it "osplosplos"
"qu" makes the "cue" sound.
when "q" is at the very end of a word after an "e", then it is not pronounced.
⏫. This is the 3rd letter in the alphabet. You just say the letter r.
"dr" at the end of a word makes the "g" sound as in "George".
When the letters "xyz" appear consecutively in a word then you do not pronounce them or any other letters in the word. Instead, it is pronounced "moo"
when the numbers "123" appear in a word in any order, then it is pronounce offness
a word with at least 10 "t"s and 10 "a"s is pronounced as "I"
When "ma" are at the end of a word, you pronounce the "a" like how you would pronounce the letter "a".
When there are quotation marks or ellipses then you have to have a space between them and the word that is before and follows it. Also, punctuation applies to this rule as well. (example- " iche ")
"Σ" is the 19th letter of the alphabet and you say "sigma".
When the letters "ue" appear in this order consecutively then they are pronounced as oo, unless the "u" is part of a "qu". (example-quel, pronounced cue-el. Example- blueness pronounced bloo-ness
If the word with 10 plus "t"s and "a"s has a ⏫, then you have to pronounce it normally.

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