Tunebase Alpha Translator

This translator will hopefully make creating songs with the Moonbase Alpha Text to Speech much easier!

First, you will put in the type of note you want to be played w - whole h - half q - quarter e - eighth
Secondly, you will put in the BPM of the note from 60 BPM to 140 BPM in increments of 10.
Next, you will put the note that you want to play (no flats, sorry) For example C or F#
Finally, you will put the octave that you want the note to be played at. The lowest note possible is C2 and the highest possible note is C5, giving 37 notes in total. (Capitals do not affect the final result)
Example note:
e70g#2 This note will play a G# in the 2nd octave as an eighth note at 70 BPM.
w110c3 This note will play a C in the 3rd octave as a whole note at 110 BPM.

After following these steps you will be left with a string of notes that you are able to paste after " http://tts.cyzon.us/tts?text= ", generating a link that will play Moonbase Alpha's beautiful Text to Speech.
For example, inputting "q60c3 q60d3 q60e3 q60d3 q60c3" and pasting outputted code after the link segment will generate the link: https://tts.cyzon.us/files/134e3ae4bdbf4ec654c1211146ad1fdd.wav

This generator was made by Malcontae. When you use this, please credit this site so others can use it as well!

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