Tuka'li (Hi'kxeyëks'te) Translator

Inspired by Na'vi

Tuka'li is inspired by Na'vi, a fictional language used in the movie Avatar, which was created by James Cameron. All rights to the Na'vi language go to him and Paul Frommer, who created the Na'vi language.
The name Tuka'li in the conlang (Hi'kxeyëks'te) means "Air/wind into sound".
Tuka'li uses an OSV sentence structure. For example, "I'm right here with you!" would be "With you I'm here right!" and translates to "Hunget fitsengoỳel skie!"
Any words that currently say "(no translation)" will get their own makeshift words (English words with Tuka'li pronunciation).
I plan to make my own written script for Tuka'li at some point.
This is how the grammar for Tuka'li works: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19vatfcG3VbTW-NXt_6xtx2qrmceQrVmHkMWjg27KabE/edit?usp=sharing.
If you can think of a more suitable name for this conlang, please give a suggestion!
à = ah sound
ä = ah sound (as in "apple"; long-held sound)
ë = rounded e sound
ē = ee sound
ï = ih sound
ò = aw sound
ö = oh sound (long-held sound)
ù = ooh sound
ü = ooh sound (long-held sound)
ỳ = stands in as a silent letter divider for words less than three letters long
ÿ = ee sound (long-held sound)
x = used to make a letter ejective
Tuka'li names typically have a first name (no surname unless married to a human), the suffix "-u", meaning "of; of clan/tribe", then the clan name, then the name of the mother or father, depending on the gender of the Tuka'li mentioned, then a suffix meaning either "daughter of" or "son of", "-ite" being the former and "-itan" being the latter.
If my name was Tuka'li, it would be Haiyrwau Alàskuksoa Ameheite (translates to "Haiyrwa of clan/tribe Wetlands, daughter of Amehe").

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