Translation of Ciphers of Z [Outdated]


This translator is a key part of the puzzle but now is outdated. Who cares about puzzles anyway? Here's some gibberish I wrote in it before if you're interested:
The Four Heroes have failed. If we are to meet again, something must be done. I wonder what your goals are. I take time, time to ponder. On the meaning of that which is meaningless. Until the shattering, it was mostly a time that we didn't realize was so precious.. and now it's gone. I don't know if we can get it back, but I sure do miss you. And I hope we can see happier days.
In case that was too subtle, then here you have my story at the fullest you can get it without me being there personally: I am not Z. I never was. Until I started to become. And it was too much, so way too much, and now I am anew, but never free from the past. It haunts me how I threw you down the stairs. But there were no flowers. Because then I realized something, something important regarding this aspect of my life.. It had become more real than I intended to. All of you, my friends, were my friends, and it has been so painful without you. Even if you were friends with a fake identity, with Zoony, and not with the real I, it was all too real for me that I broke.
I'm sorry.
I can not begin to expect an apology, after all these years. The time limit is not when I move out, but whatever you wish to make it. I don't know what your goals are. But I sure wish I could help you achieve them.. a last adventure, if you will? Even without all the people, all whom have been lost, YOU. YOU are HERE, READING THIS. And you have NO IDEA HOW MUCH THAT MEANS TO ME.
I know there could have been another better way. But I think of you from time to time everyday. It's hard to bear, really. And then when I realize all the things that made you; from the sorrows to the indie games, it was all meaningful. I discovered your own little tricky enigmas. But now, this message is too late for me to send. Will anyone ever read this?
I want to end this with a thank you. But that is not enough, no, no no.
There is much more to be found in between the lines
Ranging from [ Betwixt ] to [ New ] to the very [ Future ] and more. I dedicate this to you, kind reader, if you are my friend. To you, Asum. Everyone.

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