Top Top(Topish) Translator Topish Translator

Dats the language of my annoying cousin brother.

Created by deeoliart1133(Roblox) DeeOliArt
Edited by deeoliart1133 and xPillowos(Roblox)(heygirlie)
Topish is a language what xPillowos' 4 year old brother speaks. Topish is similar to English but the grammar is Broken English.
#text# = easter egg
*Theres a chance that you will get an easter egg if you visit this. (Don't say the easter egg to others, cuz its a secret. >:) )
*Note: Alis slippers and monster feet are toptop's imaginary movies THEY ARE NOT REAL!!!.
Untranslatable words:
Ouchie(means it will hurt you when a thing is sharp. Example: Dont touch that cuz its ouchie.(Translation: Don't touch that, because it will hurt you.)

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