Tojin translator with 2000+ words!

version 1.0.0 PUBLIC RELESE

Translation notes: A huge chunk of words will blank out, this is because i have not filled them out yet, I will try my very best to have every word I possibly can.

Update notes:

0.0.1 1st public release

0.0.2 250+ words added and redoing fixes

0.0.3 100+ words, readded prefixes, and added symbltry

0.0.4 50+ words removed prefixes, suffixes, and symbltry due to update in language. Please put words that don't translate in suggestions.

0.0.5 100+ words, and fixed words that needed fixed last update

0.0.6 100+ words

1.0.0 public release 1000+ words

speaking notes:

  1. when su is seen, only say s ex. makisu= makis
  2. when y is seen, only say e
  3. a plural suffix is not spoken.
  4. when j is seen, say sh then the vowel after, with the exeption of ji or j' ex. ju = shu. if there isnt a vowel behind it, say soon ex. makisunij = makisnisoon
  5. double z (zz) is said as uzi ex. sorinzzta = sorinuzita
  6. double n (nn) is said as esi ex. makinnji = makiesishu
  7. double p (pp) is said as myan ex. jippiki = emyaniki
  8. when q is seen, say l then the vowel after ex. qoto = loto
  9. ji is said as je ex. jiko = jeko
  10. ' is repeat, so you resay the sound before the the ' ex. moha've = mohahave
  11. _ is to drag out a sound, for example, mizu- = mizuu or mizu-- = mizuuu 12.j' is said as wanexe ex. aj'soon = awanexesoon
  12. oue is pronounced as oe ex. byouenji = byoenji
  13. if y is at the end of a word, say the previous word with emphasisation, with the exeption of uy ex. huskjy = juskjy huskSOONi

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