The Witcher: Elder Speech Translator

Comprehensive translator for Elder Speech from The Witcher series, using all words I can find from the games and books (most are from the list at Some spellings are very slightly different as some words don't match the grammar of the rest (ex: aëte changed to aéte as ë doesn't show up anywhere else). Many words here are, to bulk up the vocabulary, taken from phrases or similar words in Elder Speech with my knowledge of real world languages as a guideline for what they may mean. Others are assumed from my knowledge of the words they are based on. (ex: flame is 'deith' and white flame is 'deithwen', so for this translator I would assume that white is 'wen' if there was no other translation) I made this just for fun, so don't take it too seriously, and don't use it as an official source!!! Have fun!

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