The Royal Azaiyan Dictionary Online Translator

This is an online translator of the Azaiyan language spoken on Planet Azaiyah particularly for those learning this beautiful alien language. If you have the textbook "Modern Azaiyan" and were looking for a word but you couldn't find it, then this translator will most likely have that word among others.

Azaiyan is the official language spoken on Planet Azaiyah, an earth-like world hidden deep within the stars of Orion, the origin of the human race, where humans came from. Though Azaiyan is an alien language, it is also a human language. Azaiyan is also a dialect continuum meaning there are hundreds of thousands of dialects spoken on the planet but the dialect in this translator is the standard official Lazah Dialect, which is the one used often science, academics, government, and a lingua franca to connect the infinite cultures throughout the planet.

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