The Krislish Translator

A fictional language that I made for my fictional country

Welcome to the Krislish Translator!
The Krislish Translator is a tool that allows you to translate text from English to Krislish. Just simply input your English text, and the Krislish text will appear on the output, complete with English and French characters with accent marks.
You can use it for:
  1. Entertainment Purposes: Enjoy using the translator and experimenting with its unique outputs.
  2. Inputting Texts: Translate texts, comments, sentences, documents, or articles to Krislish.
  3. Learning the Language: Learn Krislish by practicing translations, expanding your language comprehension, and knowing what it takes to speak Krislish.
Whatever it is, it's all up to you.
This translator was made by KristopherJW (Me). You can find more stuff on my YouTube channel:
Learn about my fictional country through this link:

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