The Catgirl Language Translator

nyaaaaaaaaa~! (This Translator Is Finished. Of course there is still room for improvement but it's too late now. See ya' on the flip-side everyone.)

This is The Catgirl language. Have you ever wanted to speak catgirl? No? I don't care because you wouldn't have come here without wanting to (except if someone led you here or you misclicked).The catgirl laguage is very easy. Anyways, possible reasons on why you want to speak the catgirl language:

The catgirl language is pretty easy as I said. Everytime you type something and it has a vowel you need to put a ny- in front of it (for ex. nyapple) but not in front of stuff like "i'm"(except "you're"). Furthermore, in the end of every sentence you need to put a "nya~" and considering the punctuation it has (details bellow). Also, if there is a "ma, na, me" anywhere in the word you need to change it to "mya, nya, mewn". Some words are changed so let's see what changed:


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