The Cabrie Schmossa Language Translator!

Translate any word, phrase, sentence, or paragraph from English to the Language Cabrie Schmossa, or from the language Cabrie Schmossa to English. Works like Google Translate but for the Secret Language of Cabrie Schmossa! Keep this secret. Cabrie Forever!
Explanation of Language:
  1. First, any English word is put backwards. Take Hello. Hello would become olleh.
  2. Then, the vowels become the next consonant after that vowel, while the consonants become the next vowel after that consonant. olleh becomes poofi. Poofi is the translation for hello in Cabrie Schmossa Language.
  3. Finally, to prevent duplicate words from two different words, in some words, for the consonants that all become the same vowel, the first one becomes that vowel, the second one becomes that vowel plus the vowel after that, the third becomes the vowel plus the vowel after THAT, etc. (EXAMPLE: b, c, and d all change to e; so b will change to e, c to ei, and d to eo.)
THIS THIRD RULE DOES NOT APPLY TO MOST WORDS. This is because this third rule is only applied to words that do indeed have a duplicate. For example, the words "it" and "is" both become, according to the rules, "uj." "Is" was added first, so "it" will follow rule 3 to become "uoj" so that they are different.
Numbers and expressions work differently too. Expressions are mostly the same but one exclamation point is translated into five exclamation points, for more excitement and emotion. Numbers become other symbols.
So far, we only have a limited supply of words in the word bank. The following words are words that are in the word bank as of 10/28/2022. More words since may be added that are not listed here.
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