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IMPORTANT: There's a bug with Lingojam where all periods (.) behave somewhat strangely in RegEx logic. To solve this, replace all your periods with a middle dot (·), double comma (,,) or double colon (::), and the translator will turn them back into periods automatically after they've been processed.
This is a dumb code where vowels become diacritics and consonants are shuffled around. Works with the English letters A-Z and also the letters Ä Ö Ü ß Å É. Doesn't handle capitalization very well, but that's an engine bug and won't be fixed.
Update: Now uses Y in place of W and apostrophes in place of dashes
Update 2: Now uses quote marks and asterisks instead of multiple apostrophes in a row
Update 3: Now doesn't use Y at all, leading vowels are instead looped around to the final letter
Update 4: Now translates the word "you" and related words (your, you're, yourself etc.) into "¤" (¤e, ¤'é, ¤eóum). In my opinion, this looks better than "̄̂̃*", especially for such a common word.
Update 5: Now uses dotless ı instead of i, to avoid confusion with the translation of "tä"

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