Text Reverser Translator

A simple backwards text converter.


Reversing Your Text

This is a simple translator I made that simply reverses your words or phrases. Note that you may be looking for a translator which mirrors your text (oƨ ɘʞil) - if so, click that link.
The way it does it is quite simple. Since you're viewing this online in your browser, JavaScript is used as follows:
> "my example text".split("").reverse().join("");
The letters of the string are first split into individual array components, then the handy "String.reverse()" method is used, then we join the elements back up into a string, resulting in the same characters, but i a reverse or backwards direction.
You may also be looking for a translator which flips your text upside down.

Reverse Words

Writing text backwards is a great way to add a very light layer of cryptography to the things you write - reverse the word and character order, and make it slightly messy, and you may find that no one can understand it at all! You can also make other rules like leaving out the last vowel or something like that to make it harder.
A few quick examples of what this translator produces:
Try reverse a word or phrase and post it in the comments below :)
I hope this little online tool helps you with whatever you're doing. If you've got any suggestions for how I could improve this translator please let me know by putting them in the suggestions form. Thanks! :)

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